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Automatic Film Analysis Essay Evaluation — Perils and Promise

Lately, I have been developing automatic essay evaluations for IELTS and now for college-level academic writing. I sent an email to colleagues in my department to share my progress, and one colleague wrote back to share his concerns about my new automatically self-scoring film analysis essay writing assignment. I had shared a sample of a

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Do online grammar checkers affect writing apprehension and language learning anxiety?

There does not appear to be any research that answers the question about grammar checkers and writing apprehension reduction directly. To begin to answer the question, a review of the literature on writing apprehension, anxiety, willingness to communicate, and web-based activities would help. If you are looking for articles on the development of the Virtual Writing Tutor

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Reviews, Interviews, and Grammar Checker Articles

Here is a list of articles that were published recently about the Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker: EFL Magazine interview with Nicholas Walker by Sharyn Collins 10 Reasons to Use a Grammar Checker with College Students by Nicholas Walker  Teaching English to Intermediate and Advanced Learners on the English Learner Portal Using grammar checkers to provide written corrective

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