Do online grammar checkers affect writing apprehension and language learning anxiety?

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There does not appear to be any research that answers the question about grammar checkers and writing apprehension reduction directly. To begin to answer the question, a review of the literature on writing apprehension, anxiety, willingness to communicate, and web-based activities would help. If you are looking for articles on the development of the Virtual Writing Tutor Grammar Checker, click here.


Writing Apprehension Research

Writing apprehension

Writing apprehension

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  2. Wikipedia article on foreign language anxiety [link]
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  12. Willingness to Communicate Questionnaire [PDF]



Web-based Writing Activities that Reduce Anxiety

  1. Measuring the effects of web-based pre-writing activities on EFL learners’ writing performance [PDF]
  2. The effect of a web-based writing instructional EFL program on enhancing the performance of Jordanian secondary students [PDF]



Willingness to Communicate

Willingness to Communicate Pyramid Model

Willingness to Communicate Pyramid Model

  1. Wikipedia article on Willingness to Communicate [link]
  2. WTC in the second language [PDF]
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