Virtual Writing Tutor Membership Plan Options

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Virtual Writing Tutor has 3 levels of membership. Members can check 3000 words at a time, save text and feedback, translate feedback into 70 languages, create hypertext narratives and essay outlines, send PDFs with voice recordings, track errors, play error correction games, post essays to forums for additional feedback, with more features on their way.

Free non-memberFree memberPaid membership
Unlimited grammar check  (500 word limit)Unlimited grammar check  (3000 word limit)Unlimited grammar check  (3000 word limit)
30-click max total for “Improve writing” and “Check level”10 clicks per day max for “Improve writing,” “Check level,” and “Score essay”Unlimited access to all features
Price: freeFree$3/week, $36/year

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No.Package NamePriceDuration
1Yearly36 USD1 year
23 months16 USD3 month
31 month8 USD1 month
41 week3 USD1 week
Subscription prices never renew automatically. Pay once. Nothing to cancel.