Chatbot Dialogue Creator for Oral Practice

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Visit the Virtual Writing Tutor to create a free oral chatbot dialogue that you can publish anywhere online. Use the chatbot to practice your English second language speaking skills in a fun and interactive way.

This is a great activity to add a speaking practice component to a pen pal exchange project or to prepare for video pal conversations on If you want to create a text-only interactive chatbox, click here. For a field-related career summary chatbot creator, click here.

Step 1: Getting started

To create your own oral practice chatbot, give your dialogue a name. Click “New Dialogue.”

Create a new dialogue by giving your chatbot a title

You can 1) change the title and click “Save,” or 2) select a pre-made list of questions on common topics or compose your own questions.

You can change the chatbot dialogue title

Step 2: Select a list of questions

Once you have chosen your topic, click “Import” to insert the pre-made list of questions into your dialogue.

Select a list of questions for your chatbot dialogue creator

Step 3: Answer the questions

After you have imported your list of questions, answer them one-by-one. Check your grammar to eliminate your errors.

Enter your chatbot dialogue answer and check it fir grammar errors

Step 4: Publish your chatbot dialogue

Publish your chatbot dialogue. Click “Publish / HTML.”

Publish you chatbot dialogue for oral practice with your microphone

You can publish your chatbot dialogue in 3 ways.

  1. Publish your dialogue to the Virtual Writing Tutor. Share your chat bot with your classmates with a link.
  2. You can also embed your dialogue (text only — no robot) using HTML
  3. Or embed it in a Moodle page or blog post for desktop/laptop users using an iframe. Make sure that the width of the page is big enough. If it is too small, the iframe will show the mobile version which does not support speech recognition.
You can publish your chatbot dialogue and embed it as an iframe

Step 5: Practice your English speaking skills

After publishing your dialogue, use your microphone to practice asking questions. Listen to the robot reply with the answers you have written. watch this short demonstration

If you ask an incorrect question the chatbot lets you know. If you ask a question that the chatbot can answer, the chatbot replies using text-to-speech. Use the chatbots you or your students create to provide student-generated speaking practice online

You can add ungrammatical versions of common questions to get the chatbot to provide feedback on grammar errors.

Create your own free oral practice chatbot dialogue on the Virtual Writing Tutor today. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s creative.