Membership advantages

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Members can check 3000 words at a time, save text and feedback, translate feedback into 70 languages, create hypertext narratives and essay outlines, send PDFs with voice recordings, track errors, play error correction games, post essays to forums for additional feedback, with more features on their way.

Features Non-member *Signed-in Member
 Price  Ad-supported Ad-supported, zero spam
 Number of words you can check at a time  500      3000
 Check spelling and grammar      ✔      ✔
 Check paraphrases      ✔      ✔
 Change layouts      ✔      ✔
 Convert your text to an MP3      ✔      ✔
Count words      ✔      ✔
Check your text for target structures      ✔      ✔
 Automatically save your text and feedback  ✘      ✔
 Translate feedback into 70 languages  ✘      ✔
 Create hypertext narratives  ✘      ✔
 Create essay outlines  ✘      ✔
 Listen to your feedback  ✘      ✔
 Report false alarms  ✘      ✔
 Send a PDF of feedback with audio comments  ✘      ✔
 Track your errors  ✘      ✔
Play error-correction games  ✘      ✔
Post to the forum for help from a human  ✘      ✔
Penpal exchange (coming soon)  ✘      ✔

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