Paraphrase Checker

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Students sometimes inadvertently plagiarize because they don’t know how to paraphrase. To remedy this gap in their learning, I created a paraphrase checker for the Virtual Writing Tutor. The concept is simple. The system shows you which words are the same and need to be paraphrased.

This feature is very useful for students and for blog writers who want to avoid being sued or being penalized by Google for identical wording on their blogs. Try this experiment.

How to Use the Paraphrase Checker on the Virtual Writing Tutor


Try with the following texts. Notice the feedback.
Original Text First Paraphrase Second Paraphrase
Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the legal sector and threatening to replace paralegals with data-mining algorithms. Computers are revolutionizing the legal sector and beginning to replace paralegal technicians with data-mining algorithms. Robots are beginning to compete with paralegals for jobs at law firms.
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