Numbered Diagram of Virtual Writing Tutor Features

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Grammar and punctuation checker:


Feature List

(The numbers below correspond to the numbers on the image above.)

  1. Click on the logo to return to the main page.
  2. Update your password, newsletter subscription status.
  3. Create a free account and login. For added convenience, you stay logged in until you logout.
  4. Use speech recognition for hands free operation or to check your pronunciation. (Explainer video)
  5. Hear how your text is pronounced with text-to-speech.
  6. Download your text as a text-to-speech MP3 file.
  7. Download your text as a .doc file.
  8. Count your words: there is no limit to the number of words you can count.
  9. Check your spelling.
  10. Check for grammar, punctuation and contextual spelling errors.
  11. Check your vocabulary: check for academic & conversational vocabulary, cliches and power words, field-related vocabulary (Explainer video), or target structures.
  12. Check your paraphrase against the original to avoid plagiarism. (Explainer video)
  13. Clear the textarea.
  14. Look up words in the Cambridge Dictionary.
  15. Create essay outlines.
  16. Retrieve past feedback, links to practice exercises, and PDFs of feedback you sent to someone else.
  17. Print your text and feedback.
  18. Practice correcting errors with one of two games: Correct 1000 random errors or Correct your own errors (Explainer video).

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