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Writing an essay outline with an essay outliner. Itis easy. Just fill out a form to create your outline with this easy essay outliner. Essay outlines help you organize your ideas into an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion effortlessly. Read on to find out just how easy it is to write an essay outline.

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Are Essay Outlines Difficult for You?

Not any more. I have broken down essay outlining into a series of easy steps. All you have to do is answer a few questions, make a few choices, and the Virtual Writing Tutor builds your essay outline for you.


Opinion Essay Outline

Writing an opinion essay outline is the most common essay outline that teachers will ask you to write. They want an introduction with a thesis, 2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion that restates your thesis. Simple, right?

No tso fast! The internal workings of an effective introduction can be a bit complex, but we’ve made it easy for you. 

Step 1

How will you generate interest in your topic? How will you grab the reader’s attention? Here are 6 easy ways to do it. 

  • ask an engaging question
  • introduce a surprising fact
  • make a controversial statement
  • offer a statistic
  • provide a famous quote
  • share an anecdote

Step 2

Take a stance on a controversial topic or practice and tell the reader if you for or against it.

Step 3

Define your terms and limit the scope of your essay topic to give your essay focus. You need to tell the reader what exactly you are talking about and what you are not saying. 

So if you are arguing about a certain practice in education, make it clear that you mean formal institutional education or informal tutoring or coaching. Then, limit your topic by saying whether you include or exclude elementary, secondary or university education in your analysis. This is a step that students often forget, and the essay can easily go off track because of it.

Step 4

Now, say what should happen. This your thesis statement, the crux of your argument.  To this thesis statement, add two broad reasons why. Thes two reasons tell the reader what the next two paragraphs will be about. 

Step 5

The next two body paragraphs will explain your two reasons in turn, and they will offer examples and illustrations to support and clarify each reason. 

Step 6

To conclude, restate your position, and then you must tell your reader what to do next. You have explained the problem and given reasons why above, but now you must tell the reader how they can help. Make a prediction about what will happen in the future if enough people accept and act on your suggestion. The end. 

Use the opinion essay outliner to help you with each step


Argumentative Essay Outline

The argument essay is like an opinion essay with one big difference: you must identify a counterargument, concede, and refute! 

We make it easy for yourself with the Argument essay outliner.


Once the outline is ready, the essay writes itself. The thinking and structuring has been done. The student need only elaborate the key points with examples and evidence form sources with citations.

An example of an outline

You can print out the outline to hand in to your teacher or generate a PDF to save or send it to a classmate.

Prioritized List Essay Outline

Unfortunately, the prioritize list essay is a rather rare discourse model, but it is reminiscent of a listicle blog post. Many teachers neglect to teach this type of essay, so if your teacher tells you to do your own thing, a prioritized list essay is what you should write! It is a great choice for the enthusiast hoping to stir up enthusiasm despite apathy or weak support.  

And we’ve made it so easy that it practically writes itself.


What to do next?

That’s easy. Write your essay outline here. You will need a free account on the Virtual Writing Tutor so that you don’t lose your work.