Word Choice Errors

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Word choice errors

Below is a list of word choice errors the Virtual Writing Tutor can detect and correct. The list is not exhaustive. Instead, it will give you a sense of the kinds of errors that I consider a word choice error and I have been working to correct.

Transfer errors

Word choice errors are often due to interference from the writer’s first language and are sometimes called false-cognate errors or translation errors. Other times the errors seem developmental in nature, coming from a lack of knowledge of the different vocabulary choices available in English or collocations required by a particular context. Sometimes, phrases just sound awkward in English because they are words we would never put together.  

Translation errors

Another source of word choice errors can be bilingual dictionaries or automatic translation websites. For example, a root waterway treatment is not a synonym for a root canal treatment


I have not included typos as a word choice errors if they can be considered contextual spelling errors instead, for example, I was the winner or one million dollar.  However, I consider the wrong choice of homophones (for example,  there/their) is a type of word choice error. Here is another example: Words pored from his mouth, but the students were up until midnight, pouring over their books.

Often-confused words and eggcorns

Similar sounding words that are often confused are another source of word choice errors. Adverse/averse, effect/affect are common examples.  

Eggcorns are another problem.  Doggy-dog and duck tape are common examples.

70 Word Choice Errors

Copy and paste this list into the grammar checker to see the corrections.

  1. The tiger of Serghei took a lot of place.
  2. This problem is really bigger than I expected.
  3. I don’t remember my tall, but I am short.
  4. I usually like to wear joggings.
  5. I like eating at Lonimar, my favorite Dominican food.
  6. She spoke very loudly like I was deaf.
  7. All prisoners had committed heavy crimes.
  8. It was a little difficult question.
  9. The police asked for a little description of the car
  10. The website is named Biology Corner.
  11. He told me he had followed several trainings.
  12. Suddenly, he took me and he hardly kissed me.
  13. For me, I can not support the pets of Jackson.  (False-cognate)
  14. We opened the light and we saw blood in the bathroom. 
  15. This website is named “Biology Corner.”
  16. He was determined to get the money by all means.
  17. I advise you to take as many exercises as you can.
  18. I’m doing the course to expand my job opportunities.
  19. I said you before
  20. Almost foreigner like pizza.
  21. Almost students are tired.
  22. There is a lot of tools at your disposition.
  23. This website is a huge difference maker for me.
  24. I measure 5 feet.
  25. The thing is that I did not know or think that this field of study has as much responsibilities.
  26. The metro is ten minutes away by walking.
  27. Every dentist needs a dental collaborator to help with cleaning and preparation.
  28. On my last visit to the dentist, I had a root waterway treatment.
  29. First of all, social anxiety is characterized by an intense fear of situation that can procure humiliation.
  30. I like to see my friend, look movies and read some good book of science fiction.
  31. Some couples prefer not to make children.
  32. In my new job I have to make a lot of important choices.
  33. Finally, look random video on YouTube make me smile.
  34. Words pored from his mouth.
  35. The students were up until midnight, pouring over their books.
  36. I think I’ll lay down for a few minutes.
  37. We are wholly adverse to the new policy.
  38. Taxes are having an averse effect on production.
  39. The news is much surprising.
  40. I pass all my classes with excellent grades.
  41. The boss of another multinational wants us to join our two companies.
  42. It is a really affective remedy.
  43. The majority of them are working in an educational entourage and the others in health department.
  44. The car couldn’t stop because it’s brakes were broken.
  45. Dinner is the main dish of the day.
  46. It was a long distance between the hotel and the beach.
  47. The magazine is printed every month.
  48. Unemployment is a very important problem.
  49. That didn’t let me enough time in the morning to pray.
  50. While I was walking I see my friend and he proposed to me to embark in his car.
  51. Basement flats are often dark and moist.
  52. Last day, I had a dream.
  53. He’s name is Boris.
  54. It was very delicious.
  55. The teachers are very kind and comprehensive.
  56. When I arrive at work, I take my new email on my computer.
  57. I am very a blunderer.
  58. Results found the relationships among these variables.
  59. We have received a great deal of complaints.
  60. He earned a lot of money on the lottery.
  61. We have an urgent need of a new secretary.
  62. I speak French since ever.
  63. I work as a sales in a clothes shop.
  64. I use English during my work on when I speak to friend who only speak English.
  65. I have been talking French since I’m born.
  66. In my new job I’m demanded to work overtime.
  67. When you are not in your best, they are every time behind you like brothers.
  68. Having in mind that the roads will be busy,I think that we should make an early start.
  69. I got to know the south of London very deeply.
  70. There was a negligent amount of liquid in the test tube.