Quoted and Reported Speech

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Quoted speech punctuation rules

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How do you punctuate quoted speech in English?

Rules and Examples

Punctuation rule #1 

Use quotation marks (“) to surround the exact words someone says, asks, or interjects. You can find the quotation mark symbol on the French keyboard on the number 2 key. 

Quoted speech punctuation rules

Punctuation rule #2 

Place exclamation marks (!) or question marks (?) inside your quotation marks (“). 

Example: “Get off!” she spat. “Who me?” he asked. 

Punctuation rule #3 

To join quoted speech to he said or an alternative, use a comma (,). 

INCORRECT: “Hi” she said. 
CORRECT: “Hi,” she said.

Punctuation rule #4 

Each speaker gets his or her own paragraph. Don’t forget to indent paragraphs using the tab key. 

Practice Exercises

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