Missing word error

by , under Grammar

Sometimes writers forget to include a word that’s expected in a sentence. Here are a few examples.

  1. I prepare myself and do my daily reports to know how much food I prepare. (in order to know)
  2. The men frustrated. (were)
  3. I would really appreciate if you are able to test and provide your sign off to close this ticket. (appreciate it)
  4. I suggest you to go to London. I recommend you to take the train. (suggest/recommend that)
  5. I have been living for four years old. (living here)
  6. During the school, I go to school by train and metro no matter the seasons. Its take me one and half hour for going to school. (school year)
  7. I won’t many opportunities to play video games because during the week. (won’t have)
  8. My friends make me smile because they are so funny and it fun to be around them. (it is fun)
  9. I have been the job since 2 years. (been in the job, been doing the job)
  10. I had a dream where in I was an NBA player who played for the Cleveland Cavaliers versus Golden States Warriors in the final NBA. (the final NBA game)