Hypertext Narrative Creator and Grammar Checker

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Have you ever read a choose-your-own-adventure story? A hypertext narrative is a branching story just like that but online with hyperlinks. The reader reads a section of the story and then chooses how the story should progress by clicking on a link. See examples of hypertext stories created with the Virtual Writing Tutor.

You can create your own hypertext story using the Virtual Writing Tutor Hypertext Narrative Creator. Because the hypertext is stored safely in the user’s profile, this feature is available only to members–but membership is 100% free.

As you create your hypertext story, you can add images, and links, and ensure that it is error-free using the Virtual Writing Tutor’s spell checker and grammar checker. You can publish your hypertext narrative to a blog using HTML with jQuery, plain HTML, or as an iframe.

How to Create a Hypertext Narrative with the Virtual Writing Tutor