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A listicle is a list article. It usually consists of an introduction, three or more list items, and a conclusion. People like to read listicles because they are easy to read.

The introduction orients the reader to the listicle’s purpose and author’s credibility. The list items are usually arranged in the order of priority, form best to worst or worst to best. There must be a minimum of 3 list items, but there is no maximum. The conclusion usually contains a call to action–whatever it is the author wants the reader to do next. Listicles usually have a title with a number in them. Since the internet is multimedia platform, readers will expect links, images and videos in the listicles they read.

The basic structure of a listicle
The basic structure of a listicle

Virtual Writing Tutor Listicle Creator

To help teachers teach the listicle structure to students and to make the addition of images, videos and links easier for non-techie types, the Virtual Writing Tutor has added a listicle creator.

The student can check his or her text during the writing process for errors. At the end, the system can export the listicle as HTML to post to WordPress, Blogger, or Moodle as a writing assignment.

Here are some listicle examples.

Watch this video tutorial to see how it works

Listicle video tutorial

Create your own listicle here.

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