Grammar checkers

About the Virtual Writing Tutor Grammar Checker

For a list of Virtual Writing Tutor features with video tutorials on how to use them, see here. This article is about the motivation to build and use the Virtual Writing Tutor for pedagogical purposes. Until recently, I had been correcting student errors by hand, returning assignments a week or two later. Like other teachers,

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Reviews, Interviews, and Grammar Checker Articles

Here is a list of articles that were published recently about the Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker: EFL Magazine interview with Nicholas Walker by Sharyn Collins 10 Reasons to Use a Grammar Checker with College Students by Nicholas Walker  Teaching English to Intermediate and Advanced Learners on the English Learner Portal Using grammar checkers to provide written corrective

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Better Pedagogy and Time-Savings through Automated Feedback

If you teach ESL, you may have encountered any number of disparaging remarks from students and teachers alike about language instruction. For example, when I challenged my students a couple of weeks ago to spend a little more time on their English homework, one of my college students said to me, “No offense, but it is

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