For vs Since

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What’s the difference between for and since?

Choosing between prepositions can be tricky. For French speakers, choosing which preposition to use can be especially difficult because the French equivalents are used differently. Don’t worry. This article should clarify when to use “for” and “since.”


Rules and Examples

RULE: Use FOR with a length or time. Use SINCE with a starting point.

INCORRECT: I have been studying here since 2 years.

CORRECT: I have been studying here for 2 years.

INCORRECT: I have been working there since forever.

CORRECT: I have been working there forever.

INCORRECT: We have lived here since always.

CORRECT: We have lived here since I was born.

INCORRECT: I have lived in Longueuil since all my life.

CORRECT: I have lived in Longueuil all of my life.


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