How can I evaluate achievement in a Business English course?

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Businesses use a variety of effective advertising strategies. They can take the form of audiovisual media like videos and radio ads and print media like posters, brochures, business cards, and flyers.

Flyers can be single-sheet promotional tools that list products, descriptions, and prices. Flyers are simple yet compelling ways of helping businesses to announce sales and specials to their target audience.

What makes flyers so enduring? Well, flyers are among the most versatile and flexible printed marketing materials. They get your customers’ attention by neatly summarizing what’s on sale. Flyers are instantly recognizable. Everybody knows what they are for and how they work. Furthermore, flyers make effective posters pinned to bulletin boards, stapled to phone poles, or taped to the inside of elevators. The development of flyers is cost-effective, and they are cheap to print in bulk.

Flyers can be handed out on a street corner, junk-mailed, or stacked neatly on a counter for customers to pick up and take home with them. They are recyclable and compostable. Colour is optional but preferred, and now to save on ink and paper, flyers can be emailed in PDF format.

Like it or not, flyers are everywhere, and they are here to stay.

flyers on the streets
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Follow the ten steps below to prepare for an integrated writing and speaking evaluation. By the end, you’ll have a sales pitch with flawless grammar and pronunciation, and you’ll have a beautiful product brochure to share with customers.

Step 1: Create a free account on (VWT)

Step 2: Using the VWT’s essay outliner and the essay Heavenly Bananas, create a prioritized list essay outline.

Step 3: Print out the outline you created for the essay Heavenly Bananas and show it to your teacher.

Step 4: Create a list of products your (imaginary) company sells.

Step 5: Create a prioritized list essay outline pitching the products you listed. Be sure to include prices and an example of the unreal past conditional.

If + had + past participle +, + would have + past participle.

Past unreal conditional

Step 6: Create a flyer using the Microsoft Word DOCX Flyer template.

Flyer template
Flyer template for Business English students

Here’s how to place your own product images into the flyer template.

how to add images to the flyer template
How to add images to the flyer template

Step 7: Write a prioritized list essay using the products on your flyer. Check it for errors using the virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker.

Step 8: Generate an MP3 using the VWT Text-to-Speech.

The Virtual Writing Tutor can generate an MP3 to download of any text.

Step 9: Rehearse and memorize your prioritized list sales-pitch essay.

Step 10: Upload your essay outline, essay, and flyer to labodanglais the day before your presentation.


Present your prioritized list sales pitch & brochure at your scheduled presentation time. Refer to your one-page outline during your presentation if you wish. However, students who deliver their presentations without referring to their outlines will score better than those who do.

More workplace-related lessons

The evaluation described above is being used at Montmorency College in conjunction with Actively Engaged on the Job. Designed primarily for B-block beginners who need lots of fluency practice, On the Job has proven to be a versatile course book for multi-level groups. It’s packed with interactive activities that keep absenteeism prone students coming week after week.

Actively Engaged on the Job

The 100B level textbook is structured around a series of grammar lessons laid out in the usual order, starting with prepositions and the present tenses, moving through past tenses to conditionals, and ending with modals and future tenses.

The big difference is the way this book contextualizes the grammar practice through weekly writing assignments. Students work in groups to imagine a fictional company. Each student is responsible for writing about the goings on at the company from the perspective of one of the employees there. Each week, they write a section of the story incorporating the grammar and the vocabulary from the lesson. They submit their writing on and anonymously peer review two classmates’ stories.

In this way, grammar practice is communicative and contextualized. Additional vocabulary and grammar practice activities are available on in the form of fill-in the blank and error-find-and-correct exercises. Again, the emphasis is on meaningful context that lead to productive use.

Find out how you can use Actively Engaged on the Job with your students by contacting .

Find out how you can use Actively Engaged on the Job with Business English Students:

Actively Engaged Online

For intermediate levels, perhaps you would like to help students to learn professional writing through a blogging project. After all, every business has a blog, and every business is looking for new employees who have the digital literacy to communicate in the new economy.

If you are interested in giving such a course, Actively Engaged Online can help. It has everything you need to get students writing introductions, glossaries, career summary blog posts, screencasts, listicles, and hypertext narratives. Written for people who have never blogged before or who have never taught blogging before, it is one of the easiest and most satisfying courses for students and teachers.

Instead of writing a hypertext narrative with the Virtual Writing Tutor’s Hypertext Narrative Creator, perhaps you would prefer to teach students to write cover letters. If so, try the Virtual Writing Tutor’s new cover letter checker. There is a blog post explaining how to use the formative cover letter evaluation system to help students write the most complete and effective cover letter ever.